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Puerto Rico’s Lionfish Chefs: Lo Hace Mejor

Puerto Rico has some amazing chefs creating some pretty amazing lionfish dishes. What a great way to promote the most sustainable fish in the Caribbean! Check out some of these dishes by Chef Cedric Taquin of MenTa restaurant on the north coast town of Arecibo – they will make your mouth water! Better yet, why not come join us on June 1 in La Parguera, … Continue reading Puerto Rico’s Lionfish Chefs: Lo Hace Mejor

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Florida Sea Grant Press Release

Our lionfish project was just recently mentioned in the February 20th press release by Florida Sea Grant – read the release here. Our project, along with two others, was chosen “… because they are most likely to contribute to the development of methods that can be used to reduce or eradicate lionfish, and reduce their ecological damage” according to Maia McGuire, an invasive species specialist … Continue reading Florida Sea Grant Press Release


Presenting the documentary of this project

As we finish up this project and conclude our results in manuscripts and public outreach, we are happy to present a documentary that highlights all the exciting points of assessing the effectiveness of lionfish removals on a small scale here in Puerto Rico. This video was prepared by Puerto Rico Sea Grant – directed by Ms. Cristina Olan and edited and filmed by Mr. Pichon … Continue reading Presenting the documentary of this project

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The Results & What’s Next

A few members of our team just recently returned from the annual Gulf & Caribbean Fisheries Institute conference in Barbados, where Chelsea presented this Florida Sea Grant funded project and shared the findings of over a year of solid, dedicated hard work! Here is what we found: The Results With just a minimal amount of effort (i.e. 10-12 skilled volunteer lionfish hunters) and limited funding, … Continue reading The Results & What’s Next


Sampling Has Concluded

One year ago, we were organizing a strategic three-day removal event for the month of June – inviting spearfishermen from around the island to volunteer their morning to culling lionfish off a small linear reef in La Parguera, Puerto Rico. Just this past week, we concluded the sampling. That’s right, the field work for the FL-Sea Grant funded lionfish removal experiment in Puerto Rico has … Continue reading Sampling Has Concluded


March Dive Madness: Day 3

The final dive day of March! Friday was a fast paced work day, conducting three dives and returning to the dock before 11AM. We did the native cryptic reef fish collections in all three removal regions. As before, we used a 15% quinaldine solution that anesthetized the fish (and some invertebrates) which we collected for identification back in the lab. With beautiful weather and great … Continue reading March Dive Madness: Day 3

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March Dive Madness: Day 2

We got an earlier start to the morning today, getting out to the site and underwater by 8AM. It was windy, but we lacked waves in the morning which made for some excellent surface conditions on Conserva, the Region 5 control site. Too bad those lovely conditions up top didn’t reflect what was below. We were greeted with poor visibility, but that’s not unusual for … Continue reading March Dive Madness: Day 2


March Dive Madness: Day 1

Today was the first survey day for March! And guess what? We are nearing the end of the lionfish project. If you’ve followed our progress from the very beginning, thanks so much for your support! March marks the second to last survey month (with the final in June). As spring edges closer to the island, we are graced with not-so-awesome weather conditions down in the … Continue reading March Dive Madness: Day 1

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December Monitoring: Days 2 & 3

As our wetsuit thickness grew with each day spent in the water, monitoring for December came to a calm and cold conclusion on Sunday. Saturday was the last transect surveys in each of the two control regions – where no tagged lionfish were observed at all, and only five lionfish spotted on the transects. Besides the possibility of fishing, there is an even greater potential … Continue reading December Monitoring: Days 2 & 3


December Monitoring: Day 1

A beautiful day to start the December monitoring, six months after the lionfish removals of June. The ocean was flat, the wind was nonexistent, but the water sure was chilly! (Okay, we are spoiled.. it was only about 26C, but that’s chilly for island folk!) Visibility was the usual (3-4m) for Pelotas (murky-ish), but we can’t complain – it was a beautiful day to be … Continue reading December Monitoring: Day 1

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September Monitoring: 3 Day Weekend

We’re back!! That’s right, this project is NOT over yet (in fact, we still have three more months of monitoring coming up!!). But the end of September marked our 3 month assessment of the potential (and likely) recolonization of lionfish to Pelotas reef after the removal events in June. And did we find any?? Suspense!! Yes we did. Did we find MANY? Nope. Not many. … Continue reading September Monitoring: 3 Day Weekend